About Brainless Technologies Ltd.

We specializes in creating specialized products and solutions for the game server provider industry, communities, and guilds.  We strive to provide the most streamlined tools possible to allow hosters to provide the best experience possible for their users.  Brainless Tech. is ran by gamers who have a passion for gaming.  We've been there, done it and we know what's important to gamers and admins.  We strive to produce game server tools any admin would find useful and aim to give our users great value.

We feel customer service is the most important thing any company can offer.  If you need help with anything or have suggestions we welcome any feedback or criticism and will assist with any problems you may have with our tools.

We welcome requests for custom development.  Whether that be a feature addition or a new application; we're up for it. 

We don't advertise our products and we do rely heavily on word of mouth advertising.  If you are using our products, please spread the word.


Below is a list of companies using our products.

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